LGSC Services

Our Services

Libyan Ground Services considered as the first private company in Libya, provides full range of ground handling services, conforming to strict international quality standards and high levels of customer satisfaction.

Over the past 40 years we have been providing flawless array of services that are completely integrated to meet global requirements, which are: reliable and efficient aircrafts solutions in supervision and logistic support.

Libyan Ground Services aim to maintain the high standards expected from our valuable clients, by providing distinguished services.

Libyan Ground Services provides the following Services all over Libya:

Passenger & Baggage Handling Services

Libyan Ground Services provides passenger handling services with a high level of personalized attention above and beyond passenger’s expectations needs and desires efficiently and effortlessly.

We offer:

  • Common Check-in and boarding control through DCS ( Cute System)
  • Check in-desks at all Libyan airports with partner carrier logos/signs/calls- for passenger convenience.
  • Representation at station
  • Seat assignment
  • Handicapped and unaccompanied minors assistance
  • Excess baggage collection
  • Handling of delay incidents. Protection of passengers in hotels
  • Handling of crew and passengers in case of technical problems
  • Baggage handling and Tracing
  • Lost and found facilities

Libyan Ground Services well-trained team provide customers with the most efficient and speedy recovery of lost, misplaced, and misrouted luggage within 24 hours, using the world tracer, our lost and found department is able to locate all lost or misrouted luggage, lost luggage tracing within 24 hours and Delivery to passenger at their destination.

Ground Handling Services

Libyan Ground Services trained professional multilingual team provides maximum operational efficiency ensuring shortest turnaround keeping our services at the promised levels to satisfy our aviation partners, we can provide full ground handling services at all Libyan stations such as:

  • Representation against Civil Aviation Authority and other local authorities
  • Landing & overflying Permits
  • Airports slots coordination and housing permissions
  • Dedicated aircraft dispatch co-coordinator
  • Load control
  • Flight operations and Dispatch
  • Flight Planning
  • Cleaning of aircraft interior
  • Irregularity and emergency operations support
  • Warehousing and document handling
  • Aircraft servicing and cleaning
  • Crew transportation assistance and accommodation and Fuel supply
  • Supply weather forecast

Cargo Handling

Libyan Ground Services provides full handling to Cargo flights.

The success of the cargo service procedures depends on flawless performance, which requires careful and detailed working. The working principles and high performance of the employees have a big role in the success we have achieved in cargo services.

Operations & Station Coordination

Whether your flight is overflying or landing Libyan Ground Services takes care of all permissions and slots. for wherever their destination. We follow up the flight messages and organize all facilities for the flight with the proper authorities


  • Arranging for landing and overflying permissions from Libyan CAA on behalf of the carrier.
  • Providing crew with latest met reports and NOTAMS for departure, destination, and alternate airports.
  • Liaising with airport authorities in order to obtain suitable parking for arriving aircraft.
  • Sending arrival and departure messages to the carrier.
  • Delivering important messages.
  • Filing ATC flight plans and arranging slot times for departures.
  • Informing authorities about delays or program changes.
  • Supply weather forecast.

Accommodation & Transportation

Libyan Ground Services team is ready to Arrange high standards of accommodation and transportation for passengers and crew with professionalism and consistency.

  • Crew and passenger transport
  • Ramp transfers
  • VIP/CIP meet and assist

Services Upon Request


On call fueling services is provided by Libyan Ground Services at all Libyan airports, with competitive prices taking into consideration the constant monitoring with the supplier to provide you with the best service at the least expenses. We follow high standard procedures and security and safety measures during the fueling process

Catering Arrangement

We are able to arrange catering at all major Libyan airports on credit basis.

Prepayment Arrangement

Handling Fees, Landing Fees, Catering Fees, etc. We can prepay those services on your behalf all over Libya and will issue one final invoice after termination of the flight.


If you are not able to be at an airport on your own to supervise an operation and you need an experienced partner to supervise your flights in Libya.