Today, Tuesday morning, corresponding to August 9, 2022, the EgyptAir plane, coming from the Egyptian capital, Cairo, landed on the grounds of Maitika International Airport.
Where she was received by: Mr. General Manager of the Libyan Ground Services Company, Mr. Director of Tripoli Operations Department, Director of Maitika Airport Station, Mr. General Manager of Dekheila Tourism Services Company, General Agent of EgyptAir, Mr. Director of Mitiga International Airport, Director of Port Security, in addition to a number of officials and companies operating at the airport.
This comes after a hiatus of more than seven years from Mitiga International Airport, and the company will operate its flights to and from Mitiga International Airport as of today.
Hence, the management of the Libyan Ground Services Company thanks all the employees of the Mitiga International Airport station for providing high-quality services and their efforts for the advancement of the company.
And soon, with God’s help, EgyptAir will start its flights to Misurata International Airport.